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This website, our weekly emails (sign up here), and our investment approach are for those who are scared to death of losing money. Those who don’t invest because they think it’s too difficult or that they’ll lose everything.

I built it all because I have a confession to make. A confession those with 20 years of investment experience don’t usually admit in public.

I’m terrified. Absolutely hide under the covers, with the door locked, don’t make a sound petrified of losing money. It’s debilitating. I can completely understand looking into the eyes of a giant grizzly and not being able to move. Those of us watching something like that would be yelling, “Run you idiot! Run!” But the person is just so scared they can’t do anything.

Unfortunately, just standing there terrified is a terrible way to fight off a bear or to provide a secure future for your family. Having all of your money just sitting there in a bank account is a terrible investment strategy. Cash is by far the worst performing investment of all time.

Now, I was blessed with pretty good intelligence genes (thanks mom and dad). I understand that this problem can be fixed. I’m also, luckily, good with numbers. So, I used those talents and the last 20 years of investment experience to develop an investment methodology that first and foremost doesn’t lose money. Ever. Once that fear is off the table I can begin putting my money to work to help secure my family’s future.

A funny thing happened though when I discovered this investment approach. It actually blows the investment results of just investing in stocks out of the water. I mean completely annihilates it. If you were to invest $100,000 in only stocks starting in 1986, you’d have around $800,000. Not too bad. However, my investment approach would have provided you with $2,500,000! Quite a bit better! $1,700,000 better to be exact. But who’s counting? Plus you don’t have to worry about losing money so you can sleep better at night.

The reason for this outperformance is actually pretty easy to understand. Our investment approach doesn’t lose money. Stocks do. Stocks go up and then they go down. Below are some recent examples:

  • 1987: Stocks lost around -30% of value.
  • 1990: Stocks lost almost -20% of value.
  • 1998: Stocks lost almost -20% of value.
  • 2000: Stocks lost almost -50% of value.
  • 2007: Stocks lost around -50% of value.

Guess what happed with our investment approach during these times? Up! Up! Up! Up! Up! Every single time! See our Investment Results page for additional information. So, when stocks go down and our investments go up, it’s easy to see which method is going to win over the long-term. Sure, stocks might go up more than our investments in any one year, but the second stocks begin heading down, our portfolio will always prevail. Stocks will always go down at some point so our investment approach will always beat stocks over the long-term.

So, if you’re like me and don’t want to lose money in stocks anymore, please sign up for our email distribution list (sign up here). I made it for you and those like us.

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